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When you discover mold in your home, you need to take immediate action. Helpers Disaster Restoration is here to help with mold remediation in Snowmass!

Helpers Disaster Restoration is a certified mold remediation firm. We are locally owned and operated out of the Roaring Fork Valley. We have years of experience fighting mold. Our technicians understand the science behind how mold grows and takes hold in your home.

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One Stop for Mold Remediation in Snowmass

Not all disaster restoration companies are created equal. The Helpers’ team of professionals has the training and expertise to get your mold levels back to normal, natural, and safe levels.

From mold restoration to water mitigation, our expert technicians are just one call away. Learn more about the services we can offer. Our emergency hotline is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

International Certification Sets High Standard

We are proud to be certified by the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC). This international organization is responsible for setting quality standards for restoration activities. This includes anything from water damage restoration to professional mold remediation. The IICRC’s standards are based upon established industry best practices.

To ensure our Helpers’ experts can handle whatever problem they encounter, we require all of them to participate in ongoing training. This allows us to maintain the highest consumer protection standards as set by the IICRC.

We know you only want the best for your home. Here at Helpers Disaster Restoration, we are committed to providing excellent customer service.

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What Are The Risks of Having Mold Present in My House?

Mold in the home can pose a serious risk. Inhaling or touching mold or mold spores may cause allergic or respiratory reactions in sensitive individuals. These reactions could include hay fever-type symptoms like sneezing, runny nose, red eyes, and skin rashes.

The allergens produced by mold can lead to serious health and respiratory problems. To avoid these irritations, seek out mold remediation services as soon as you detect a problem. It is important to ensure that your living environment is safe and clear of the presence of mold and mold spores.

Helpers’ indoor air quality specialists can come assess your home and locate the root cause of the mold. They will check the level of mold spores present. If our experts deem the level to be unhealthy, they can make the appropriate recommendations for remediation efforts.

Safe, healthy environments are our top priority. Call Helpers Disaster Restoration today to make your appointment!

How Did The Mold Even Get There?

Molds are not unusual. They are simply a part of the natural environment. Mold does not pose a risk until it begins to grow indoors. Once indoors, you will need to call an expert mold remediation service like Helpers Disaster Restoration.

The presence of water through floods, leaks, or rising humidity can trigger mold growth. While the Snowmass area generally has low levels of humidity, mold is also known to grow in dry climates. The extended winter season also presents a significant source of moisture in the area.

Molds can be found everywhere, both indoors and outdoors. It can grow on organic building materials such as food items and it only takes 72 hours for mold to take hold.

Our expert team can remove mildew contamination from clothes, shoes, and bags. We can also take care of mold damage in walls, roofs, and other building structures. The mold removal process varies depending upon the type of item affected.

When you have mold, it is important that you call for help. Trust only the best mold remediation company to handle your valuable items. Reach out to Helpers Disaster Restoration 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for your emergency.

The Safest Products in The Industry

We understand that health and wellness are your top priority. Helpers Disaster Restoration team works to ensure you have the safest home environment free from mold and mildew.

The Helpers’ team uses only state-of-the-art equipment. Our cleaning products and mildew removers are all anti-microbial and environmentally friendly.

We don’t cut corners. We provide long-term solutions. Call today for the best mold remediation company in Snowmass.

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