Complete Mold Remediation: Fogging vs. Removal

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The prospect of removing mold growth from your home can seem overwhelming and expensive. Different mitigation companies may offer different methods for mitigating mold, but which one is the most effective?

Some companies will suggest that fogging or spraying the mold with chemicals to “kill” it is sufficient for correcting your mold problem. Complicating matters further, these bids will seem attractive as they are usually significantly lower than a complete remediation estimate. This is understandable as often these bids do not include actual mold removal or air quality tests or guarantees upon completion of the work.

According to the IICRC (The Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration), killing mold without removing it is not considered a complete solution to your mold problem. In their newly published guidelines  (2015 Guidelines), the IICRC states “Remediators should not mist or fog disinfectants or sanitizers in an attempt to kill mold in lieu of source removal”. The EPA is in agreement stating, “Dead mold may still cause allergic reactions in some people, so it is not enough to simply kill the mold, it must also be removed.”

Complete and effective mold remediation includes the removal of mold at the source such as drywall, insulation or other porous materials. Mold is resilient and covering it up is not a solution.

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5 thoughts on “Complete Mold Remediation: Fogging vs. Removal

  1. We had a mold inspection done recently and did find some in the house, so I appreciate the help to know what to do. It sounds like removal is a more complete solution. Do you think that complete removal is the safer solution all around?

  2. It is impossible to remove all mold. Your can and should remove all Visible Mold. HEPA Vacuum everything, wipe down all hard surfaces with an anti-microbial agent, run an air scrubber, clean and disinfect your HVAC system if you have one. That includes all the duct work, remove blower motor and disinfect, remove Coil if possible and disinfect, inspect and replace Insulation above the Coil in the Plenum.
    Treat all your soft furnishings with an anti-microbial fog or gas. If not, discard your carpeting, rugs, cloths, furniture…
    Fix all water intrusion issues, control humidity, and supply fresh, clean, purified fresh air into your property.

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