Animal waste can carry a host of communicable diseases including Hantavirus. Small animals in walls and attics can cause major damage to insulation and wiring that could lead to energy loss and fire hazards.

Depend on Proper Training and Experience

Our animal feces cleanup and removal services get rid of all animal droppings so that there aren't any further contamination issues.

How Animal Dropping Cleanup Works

Our protocol is the virtually identical to our mold removal procedures. Animal droppings are treated as a bio-hazard. Our professional technicians use only top-quality products and equipment to remove odors and pathogens. Our state-of-the-art negative air machines filter the air to prevent re-contamination. Eco-friendly anti-microbials and biosides are used to thoroughly clean the contaminated area.

  • Deny them building access by repairing any openings larger than a half-inch
  • Make sure the garage door is shut at night, and that it shuts tightly
  • Seal siding gaps at the top of the foundation
  • Close outside doors securely
  • Store all food in containers with lids
  • Keep a lid on all garbage containers
  • If you own a barn, keep it as clean as possible
  • Clear brush and any other garbage at least 100 feet from your building
  • Clean floors and counters regularly to reduce food droppings that attract rodents